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Residential Electrical Services vs Commercial Electrical Service

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Residential Electrical Services vs Commercial Electrical Service

Ranging from homes, restaurants, stores, offices to big industries, everywhere the smooth functioning and availability of electricity and electrical appliances is of prior importance. There is not a single doubt regarding the utter-importance and necessities of electrical services in every sector as these services are the driving force for proper functioning and working environment. But even after belonging to same set of technology, there is a wide difference between the electrical services requirement for different sectors. The commercial sector will require a different set of skills than the residential sector because the structure, layout, usability and requirement differ a lot. And it is always advisable to call or hire electrical experts dealing in the respective sectors instead of relying upon any general electrician for both the sectors. Seeing this specialized segment, many cities like Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Oakville are going by this trend. The difference between commercial electrical services and residential electrical services can be discussed based on the several factors which make them stand apart which are discussed as follows to get a clear understanding between both of them.

  • Area of the Usage

One of the most basic and prime difference that lies between commercial and residential electrical services is the area or the needs for they are used. In residential sector, your prior needs are the basic necessities of the home ranging from the bulbs, fans, circuit wiring, panels and meter bases to home temperature system and other things like that. These all services are entitled for the personal use only and limited up to a small scale of your home. Whereas, in commercial sector, these services extend themselves to a larger context where other than the services required in residential sector, there are many services needed for other things as well like big electrical air condensers, lifts and escalators, intercom and telecommunication system, machines and many more such services to a larger extent.


  • Scale of the Usage

Now you might think that even residential sector requires fan, lights, air conditioning, wiring etc. and so do commercial sector, so why there is difference between the services required by both of them? The reason for this lies in the scale at which they are used. This can be simplified by the following examples. At you home, at a time maximum to maximum three or four PCs would be in use but in the commercial sector this number varies between hundreds to thousands. Similarly, the air conditioning will be used at much lower rate in residential sector but in commercial sector where there is such a huge space and number of people, so the air conditioning system should effective and efficient enough to cater to the needs of thousands of employees and area. The same goes for other factors as well. So, the voltage requirement, usage of electricity etc. differ a lot where the electricity consumption in a commercial sector is generally hundred to thousand times larger than the residential sector. So, it is pretty much obvious that the services required for handling both of them are poles apart and require specialized set of skills.


  • Type of the electrical structure and machines

The kind of electrical structure which is implemented in commercial and residential sector differ a lot and thus require different kind of services to keep it maintained and in a smooth functionality. In residential needs, you come across house bulbs, CFL lights, air conditioner, fans etc. and related wiring structure of these appliances and components. They have a comparatively easy and less complex wiring structure than the commercial sector where the complexity and appliances are cater to a bigger need and thus it becomes a difficult job to handle. In commercial, you come across the lift and escalator systems, big air-conditioning fans and lightning system which require constant and uniform operation throughout the time on a very large scale. The kind of lightning appliances, cooling system, wiring structure is much more complex and different to that of the residential system. So, a special expertise is required to handle the maintenance of this structure and normal local electrician cannot deal with the electrical services at such large scale. Moreover, in commercial sector, different units have different requirements and thus electrical system should be working accordingly. So, there is no constant and monotonous type of usage but the usage differs depending on the need keeping uniformity in mind. So, dealing this dynamic yet constant need make commercial services far more different and complex than the residential services.

So, it is not the general solution which will work out for every sector but you need tailor-made solutions or services for your specific needs. And from above discussion, it is clear that needs and requirements of residential and commercial sector differ a lot, so specialized electrical services are needed for both of them. Someone who is professional in handling the residential electrical services may not be well-versed with the commercial services, so for them a different professional is needed for end to end solutions.

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