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Do You Need Surge Protection In Your Home?

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Do You Need Surge Protection In Your Home?

Does your home have surge protection? This is one of the home additions that many people don’t think much of until it’s too late. If you are thinking of getting a new home or are seriously considering making your home a better investment, then getting surge protection is definitely something you need to think about. The same also applies for when you are interested in investing in high end electronics for the home, such as a high quality home theater system. In these instances, the last thing you want to worry about is having the electronics damaged by a simple power surge or brownout that could have easily been prevented.

How does it work?

A power surge protection system comes in many varieties. There are some that are designed to protect single appliances such as a fridge or a television, and some that are designed to protect the entire home. However, the mechanism of action of each is very simple. Basically, a surge protection system sits between the grid electricity and your home. If there is a surge or a sudden reduction in power from the power grid, the surge protection system will prevent this from being transmitted to the appliances in the home. This is usually done by simply shutting down the system so that no power goes through. This way, no excessive power is transmitted to the appliances.

The details in the mechanisms of action between different surge protection systems vary depending on the brand you have chosen. There are some that will modulate the power, making sure that only enough power reaches the home or appliance. In the case of a blackout, there are some that will not transmit any power to the device or home until the power from the grid has normalized, ensuring that all the electronics are protected.

Do you need one?


As long as you have electronics in your home and want them to be protected from any power surge, then you definitely need a surge protection system. The same also applies for people who live in areas where the likelihood of lightning is very high.

Power surges are also known to create short circuits, which could in turn lead to electrical fires. This means that by installing a surge protector, you will also be protecting the home from the risk of fires as well. The cost benefit analysis of investing in a surge protection system is therefore excellent.

Should I get one at random?

Suppose you are convinced that you need a surge protection system. How do you go about getting one? Most people simply go out and find whatever they think will suit them, and then install it. However, there are a few questions you need to have figured out by the time you go shopping. Some of the most important of these include:

• What kind of surge protection are you interested in?

• Do you need it for a single device or for the entire home?

• What are some of the features you need the system to have? Do you want basic surge protection or want the system to have multiple advanced features?

• What is the size of your home, and how many appliances do you have?

• What are the legal limitations in your country regarding the use of such appliances?

Figuring all this out can be difficult particularly if you don’t have a background in electronics. For this reason, it’s always advisable to get the help of a company that provides electrical services in Calgary to help you out. This way, even if you decide to import the system, you will be sure that you are getting the right product.

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