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Follow These Guidelines To Reduce The Risk Of Electrical Fires In Your Home!

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Follow These Guidelines To Reduce The Risk Of Electrical Fires In Your Home!

Electrical fires are an important cause of injury and loss of property in most parts of the world. This is usually unfortunate, especially considering that the vast majority of such fires can be prevented by simply making sure that you approach the use of power in your house in the correct way. Of course, there are times when it is impossible for one to prevent such fires, but such incidences tend to be few and far between. If you are thinking of getting your first house, it would therefore be very important to try and put a few measures in place to prevent the catastrophe from happening.

To do this properly, you will need to understand some of the common causes of electrical fires, so that you can then put in place the right measures to prevent them. Some of the most important of these include:

Faulty lighting

In most parts of the world, nearly half of all electrical fires are caused by a fault in the lighting system of the home. The commonest reason for this is finding that the wiring to the lighting is not in good condition, causing sparking and eventually starting a fire. Some of the things you can do to correct this include:

• If you are moving to an old house, make sure that all the lighting is checked thoroughly. This means checking the state of the wiring as well as the housing for each light bulb to ensure that it’s in good condition. Any problems found should be fixed before you can move in, so it should be one of the first things you aim to check.

• If you have done renovations that might affect the wiring, you should consider having an electrician check it. For instance, you might have had to change part of the roof in a bid to spruce up the house. Even if the lights still work after this, there is a chance that the wiring will have been interfered with. Having a contractor check this will reduce the risk of any sparking.

• Invest in regular checkups of the lighting system. Even if you do it only once every year or two, such inspections can go a long way in reducing the risk of such fires.

DIY home renovations that interfere with wiring


Another problem that might lead to electrical fires in a home is when you attempt to do renovations on your own, and end up interfering with the electrical systems. This might result in contact between wires or other errors that might in turn result in a fire. If possible, you should consider hiring specialists to do the renovation for you, and qualified electricians to make any changes to the home that you might have. If you are bent on doing the renovations on your own, you should consider having the electrical system inspected particularly if there is a chance that you might have come into contact with any part of it. This should be done as early as possible to ensure that any fixes are made on time.

Using appliances that overheat

There are some appliances that are known to overheat, including washers, heaters and air conditioners. Sometimes, the heat generated by such appliances can be high enough to cause combustion, leading to a fire. In a few cases, the fire can be due to an overload on the circuitry particularly if you install a new appliance on a line that already has many appliances that consume a lot of energy. To avoid this, you should always buy appliances that are fit for the type of service you will be putting them into, so that you don’t overwork them. You will also need to have them installed correctly, and seek the opinion of an electrical contractor if you are thinking of getting appliances that consume a lot of energy.

Making changes to the electrical system without getting professional help

Some electrical problems often seem minor, and many people end up trying to solve them and make the problem worse. An example of this is when you notice that your circuit breaker trips too frequently, in which case you could come up with a means of preventing it from doing so, such as by making a permanent circuit around it. However, there are procedures that often need to be followed when solving such problems, including making a point of finding out what causes the problem in the first place. The fact that most electrical contractors are not very expensive means that using the services of a high quality one should be your first course of action when you notice any electrical problems.

Putting these measures in place will drastically eliminate the risk of any electrical fires forming in your home, and will also reduce the cost associated with using the system.

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