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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Generator?

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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Generator?

If you have a whole house generator, it might be quite hard for you to judge when it needs to be repaired or replaced. It is hard to figure out if your whole house generator is functioning well in its best shape and it is hard to trust if it is working as well as it is supposed to, especially if you lack the technical knowledge behind it.

The problem is that, you would not be using your generator all year round and every day like how you would use your air conditioning or heating units. This is why it is hard to keep up and remember what the condition of your generator in your house is. Only if you know what the condition if your generator is, can you figure out when you need to get it replaced. In this post we are going to help you remember different ways with which you can figure this out.

Your generator is having problems starting up


When you want to get started with your housework involving electrical items, like when you want to start mowing your lawn, try to notice if your electrical equipment take more than a few tries to get themselves started up. If your land mower takes a few tries before it turns on, then something fishy is going on.

When there are obvious power issues going on, then you are deeply reliant on your generator and this would not be a good time for it to start acting up with its problems. Usually, whole house generators switch themselves on automatically when there is a power failure. This is operated by something called the automatic transfer switch, which automatically transfers the power supply from the main outsource to the generator when there is a power cut or failure.

So if your generator’s automatic transfer switch are all functioning and operating well but you still do not have power supply in the time of a power cut, then it is time to repair your generator. If even after a generator repair you still face problems, then it is time to consider changing your generator on the whole.

Using up more power and fuel

Your whole house generator basically burns fuel to give itself power to run the electrical appliances in your house that it is connected to, in times of a power cut or a power failure. If the whole house generator is burning up too much of fuel during its functioning hours, then your generator is not being efficient and might need some repairs to be done to it.

As it burns increasingly more fuel for it to power the appliances in your house, it is costing more than what you would pay to keep the electricity running in your house normally if there was no power failure. This type of situation requires you to either repair your generator or change it on the whole to a more advanced and a more efficient model so that you can save on your fuel charges.

Your generator is requiring frequent repair jobs

If your generator keeps requiring repair jobs, then it might honestly be more cost efficient for you to spend the money on getting yourself a brand new, better model generator, rather than spending pockets of money on the repair jobs for your current one. It is important to get your generator inspected once in a while and regularly to check if everything is working well so that you can save yourself from any unnecessary problems when there is a power failure. Note that this does not count as a repair as you are employing the regular checks on your generator. It’s also really easy to find a Calgary electrical contractor to check on your appliances or generators on a regular basis to ensure their efficiency and safety.

If you send your generator for an inspection or a check, and it turns out that it needs a repair job done, then you should compare the costs of the repairs against buying a brand new model. Having a new generator can not only save you the repeated and frequent repair charges, but also leave you feeling more secure about the outcomes when you face your next power cut – but is it economical for you? If the repair fees do not cost much, and the generator is in a good shape, it is more advisable to simply repair instead of replace.

All in all, having a generator is important especially if you are living in outskirt or suburban areas where power failure and power cuts occur often. Generators would save you from running the risk of getting your daily routine and tasks disrupted because of a failure of electricity provision. This is why you need to make sure those generators, as your Plan B for electricity, has to be working perfectly well to back you up whenever unexpected power failures occur.

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