If you need to install fans or ballasts in your home or office space, all you need to do is call New West Electric and sit back while we get the job done.

Installing electronic ballasts is best done by professionals, since those light fixtures operate at a high frequency that increases the likelihood of capacitive coupling between ballast output leads. This effect can reduce ballast performance, interfering with correct lamp starting up to and including failure to start.

Professional Ballast Installation and Safety

When ballast installation is done by trained and certified technicians, the danger of capacitive coupling and other problems can be safely avoided altogether. This is doubly important when you expect to install multiple fixtures on a single circuit. Those projects may warrant individual fusing to help prevent complete power outage in case of a single fixture malfunctioning. Individual fusing done by professionals will help when troubleshooting for a source of a problem, allowing to isolate the failed fixture.Another thing that a professional installation will guarantee is proper grounding. The installed system should have a connection between the circuits and the earth to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ballasts.

Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great way to save on Air Conditioning costs on a warm day at the office when you need to make it just a little bit more comfortable for the company personnel. Adding them to your office or workshop can be a great way to save on electricity bills.

New West Electric can take care of your ceiling fan installation needs for a decent price for great workmanship. Call New West Electric in Calgary now and we will solve this problem for you in just a few hours work. We can even connect you to the best suppliers on the market. With us, fan installation is a breeze.