If you are looking to make alterations or upgrades to your home’s electric system, New West Electric is the company to work with.

We have vast experience with large and small electric systems, from appliance wiring, to outdoor hot tub installation, to re-circuiting of entire home grids or other home and commercial scale projects.

If you are building a home addition, finishing a basement, wish to add lights to a patio or install potlights in your back yard pond, we can do it for you. Our services can include the installation work, but we can do much more than that. With us, you can browse for light fixtures and upgrades, and enjoy our delivery service in addition to the installation. Your new electric upgrades will come to you, saving you the need to waste your time on shopping.

Electronic Gadgets and Electric Upgrades

If you want to upgrade your home, make it futuristic and energy efficient, we can help with that too, bringing you a wide variety of solutions and improvements.

Here are just a few recommended electrical gadgets upgrades that can turn your home into a hi-tech paradise:

  1. Smart Home Thermostat
  2. Keyless Fingerprint Entry
  3. Home Security Systems
  4. Wireless Weather Display
  5. New Age Lighting Systems
  6. Motion Sensor Light Switches
  7. Home Energy Monitoring Systems
  8. Whole House Surge Protection
  9. Wall Mounted Televisions
  10. Smart Backyard Electronics
  11. Control Panels for Appliances

Another upgrade that’s worth mentioning separately is LED lights. Upgrading to those small but neat fixtures will save you lots on energy costs and eliminate the unwanted heating that the incandescent lightbulb is infamous for.

The bottom line is that with New West Electric, all of your indoor and outdoor upgrades are covered. Our dedicated installers will provide a wide choice of fixtures, solutions and options for you to choose from. With us, your home can be made more comfortable, energy-efficient and modern.