When you are doing renovation work, there are many things you can do on your own. That is, if you have the time and tools for it. Most homeowners also know, and wisely so, that there are things you just don’t do by yourself. Electricity is one of them. It should really be left for professional electricians.

It boils down to safety, as well as the many provincial and local codes and by-laws that require your electrical work to be done by a certified expert. Besides, the insurance contract may be compromised if the electrical components of your home or office were not put in place by an electrician. While some people may ignore this when it comes to small repairs, such as replacing a light switch, most will stop at larger projects, of the scale that you need to do when you renovate.

Professional Renovations Electricians in Calgary

We at New West Electric have all that is necessary to renovate, re-fit, or build from scratch all and any of your electricity at home or office. We work on both residential and commercial scales and no project is too big or too small for us to handle.

Here is a partial list of our professional specializations:

  1. Residential Electrical Renovations
  2. Commercial Space Electricity
  3. Electric Maintenance and Service
  4. Ground-Up Construction Electrics
  5. Phone and Data Server Cabling
  6. Fire Alarms, Surveillance System Power

Among our customers are multiple homeowners, restaurants, shops, hotels, schools, country clubs, farms, churches, community centers, medical clinics and multiple other commercial and public properties in Calgary and the surrounding area. When you need electric renovations in Calgary, you need New West Electric.

Any Time, Any Place

We excel at conducting electric reno work in operating businesses, with little to no disturbance to the normal flow of work. There is hardly ever any need to have you stop your business even for a minute so we can get on with ours. Our teams are comprised of professional, courteous individuals that will get in, do the work and leave the place clean and electrically upgraded.

If you need to install any lights in an existing space and are wondering how much demolition work this will involve, we can assure you that usually it is very little if any at all. We specialize in fishing wire into an existing structure in a way that doesn’t disturb any of its features and finishes. You can call on us when you are done renovating and we can still add the necessary elements without having you go into renovation all over again.

We are covered by a hefty insurance policy that will keep you from unnecessary worry while our experts are at work. Ask any of our many happy clients, and they will tell you that when you are dealing with New West Electric, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call us now for a free estimate and we will get your project underway and finished in no time! New West Electric is here for your electric renovations in Calgary.