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What Are The Areas You Must Look Out For When Hiring An Electrician?

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What Are The Areas You Must Look Out For When Hiring An Electrician?

Most of the problems that people go through related to electrical contractors can easily be avoided by taking a little time and doing just a little research.. Often people jump into poor relationships with electricians and later regret ever hiring them sometimes even having to hire a different contractor to finish the job and correct the mistakes of the previous one. It is not advisable to pick electricians randomly without a plan or method. In order to avoid nasty situations with electricians, there are certain steps you have to take before you shake hands with that electrician or electric contractor. The following are tips you can follow to help you hire the right electricians that will not give you grief in the near future.

Check their license

One of the things that should be at the top of the list of things you look out for is the contractor’s license. Ask them for the license and if they do not have just stop the interview right there. You should never contract a contractor who does not have a license. Most of the unlicensed electric contractors or electricians will try to sell you on price. They will lower their prices and try to talk you into hiring them. Never fall for their charm. The deal they offer might seem sweet and a bargain but eventually, the deal might be more costly for your liking.

Contractors with no license do not have any form of insurance and the fact that they have no proof that they have undergone training to prove their level of skill, there is no way you can know that they have the necessary skills needed to take care of the work you want to give them. It is also very likely that they luck any form of liability insurance and this puts you at risk.

Check whether they have any insurance cover


Generally, electrical contractors like all other contractors, are required by law to have an insurance cover for their work. Therefore, every licensed contractor will have some level of insurance cover. This liability insurance cover is what protects you as the employer in case something goes wrong and there is damage when he is working on your project.

The problem here is that some contractors will take only the bare minimum cover required by law or something close. Since there is no telling how extensive the damage to your house would be of he messed up and may the house caught fire, due to the nature of electricity, you need to find a contractor with good enough insurance cover. A good amount for such a cover would something to the upwards of one million dollars.

Let them show you their journeyman card as proof of their license

A journeyman, is someone who has gone through training to learn a certain craft and has successfully completed the training but is not yet a master. All electricians who have passed all the requirements of the state, are required to be issued with a card showing that they have acquired the journeyman status and are therefore qualified to take on certain electrical jobs.

Therefore, anyone who comes requesting for the contract to work on your project must produce a journeyman card as proof of authenticity of their license and skills. Make sure that you do not hire anyone who cannot produce this card. You may put all your property and your house as a whole in danger if you do not vet the electrician and prove that they are qualified and licensed for the job.

Ask the contractor what kind of work they have done before

While a contractor may have a license and also be experienced, electrical work in homes are not always the same. Every job and project will come with its own complications and how the electrician handles a particular problem when it arises, will highly depend on their experience with that kind of work or incident before. Therefore, you need to ask them the kind of job they have handled before and whether they have handled a case like yours before. That way, you can be sure that in case of anything, they will be able to handle it. This will also help you know what kind of work to expect from them.

How does he respond to your concerns about the project?

Observe the electrician carefully and see whether he is paying attention to the problem you are trying to solve with your project. Observe how they talk about the pricing. Are they upfront about it? Do they take a keen interest in your concerns for your project and your house? As you talk with him or her, find out the kind of person they are, their work ethics, their values and anything else that you think is important to you.

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