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What Are The Most Common Electrical Emergencies During Different Seasons?

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What Are The Most Common Electrical Emergencies During Different Seasons?


Electrical emergencies arise in different occasions and different seasons. How you wish you will not be affected by any of these emergencies but no matter how careful you are when it comes to coming across these situations, there are times when they cannot be avoided. It is then good to know which ones commonly take place for each season of the year.

Common electrical emergencies during winter

There are different emergencies that may take place during the coldest times of the year. In fact, you would be dismayed to find out that the most common ones will cause your much-needed winter appliances to break down. Come to think of portable electric heaters and wet electrical connections and you will be able to picture what will happen next.

Portable electric heaters can result to tripping on circuit breakers. Why does this take place? You may ask. Admit that portable electric heaters take up bulk of the job when it comes to heating your home during wintertime. With that, you should expect it to consume much electricity during the season. Sometimes, these heaters are connected into the same outlet that powers up your Christmas lights. When the outlet is nearly maxed-out, then expect the circuit breaker to trip. Circuits commonly have to trip in order to prevent further damage in the electrical system’s wiring.

Another common electrical emergency that may arise during the winter is having a wet electrical connection. We all know that water and electricity is never a good combination. It follows then that if an electrical device gets wet then it can result to short out. You should be able to locate your GFCI or your ground fault circuit interrupter just so you can remedy the problem by pinpointing the outlets it controls.

Emergencies that usually arise during spring and fall

There are again two scenarios to look into when it comes to emergencies that usually arise during spring and fall. The first is when trees would fall over risers as well as electric meter boxes. You have to take note that the weather becomes unpredictable during these seasons of the year. Add to that, it could be windy outside thus causing trees to literally fall over your property. It could be good luck if it will not ruin your structure but even when that is the case, there is still a great chance that your electric meter boxes and risers will be compromised. These parts of the electrical system can be ripped off of your house’s outer walls and will definitely need repair.

The second scenario all boils down to your old outlets inside your kitchen and bathrooms. You have to check these ones and make sure you test your GFCIs. Replace any receptacle that needs replacement. Do not wait until the scenario becomes more than just an emergency. It is good to prevent possibilities of shock as early as you have detected the problem.

Electrical emergencies during summer

We can again consider two of the most common scenarios that require electrical work during summer. For one, there is that instance when the air conditioner suddenly stops working. This is such a disgusting situation considering the extremely hot weather outside. You might even ask why the air conditioner would stop working on the season that you need it the most. Before panicking about the situation, there are a few things to bear in mind. First, you have to check the breaker and make sure it is not tripped. If it is, then you have to turn off the unit. From here, you should turn the breaker off and wait a while before turning it on once more. In case it cannot be resolved after you have done all these, it is high time to call for professional help. If the breaker no longer trips after resetting it, then that would mean good news. Simply turn the thermostat on and enjoy your air conditioner once more.

Another problem would somehow be similar to what you may encounter during winter, that which mentions overloading of the circuit. During summer though, the most common culprit to overloading though is the AC unit, vacuum and hair dryer being plugged into one outlet. The air conditioning unit itself would already be enough reason for the circuit breaker to trip. It would be best to connect your window air conditioning unit to another outlet. Do not just connect it in the same outlet where other devices that consume high electricity are connected. It would be good to use labels that are commonly found on the breaker box in preventing circuit overloading.

Yes, there are different electrical emergencies depending on the season. You should be able to check on all of them and when you figure out that something is wrong, never wait for the condition to worsen. It would always be best to call for a residential electrician who will be able to work on each of the above-mentioned scenarios accordingly. You need not go far, you can ask help from us!

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