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What You Need To Know About Using Surge Protectors With Your Electronics

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What You Need To Know About Using Surge Protectors With Your Electronics

Modern technology has taken a lot of important turns in these past few decades. Technology has become more than just a playing tool for us and has been aiding our daily life routines in various ways. Gadgets from technological advancements have become some of the most important possessions that we hold today and we can’t seem to live without them like how the previous generations used to.

Nowadays, everyone, even small children have to rely on their smart phones and laptops to get their work done. These are items which used to be available previously just for the means of recreation. However, now they have intertwined in our lives so much that they are something that has become necessary for work and daily life.

These devices have taken up such an important role in our lives now that losing them could cost us much inconvenience and money. This is why we should take in the extra effort of protecting our devices, and one of such means to do so is to get surge protectors.

How do surge protectors work?


Surge protectors basically protect your electronic devices from power surges which can cause severe damage to your electronic products. Usually, the electricity that you get from your power sockets is safe, at a good voltage and current. However, sometimes it is inevitable that some power surges, also known as power peaks, occur. When these peaks in power occur, your electronic devices which are plugged in can go through severe damage which cannot be repaired easily. This is where a surge protector comes in handy.

Having a surge protector would literally act by its name, which is to protect your devices from power surges. It acts as a guard for your electronic devices and encapsulates your device from getting attacked by a power surge. Whenever there is a sudden peak and a burst of energy reaching your electronic product, the surge protector acts to defend away this energy to protect your device. This way, the only thing which is at risk from getting damaged from the surge of power, is your surge protector itself!

Surge protector insurance

Surge protectors are so important and highly useful. They can go up to protecting almost all the electronic devices in your house, which can cost you up to thousands and thousands of dollars. This way, this main electronic device-guard has to come with enough backing. Most of the manufacturers of surge protectors back their products up with really good insurances. It is often not an uncommon thing to see a single surge protector device which is insured up to more than a hundred thousand dollars in value for its electronics.

Surge protectors usually come in the form of a strip

When you go to a hardware shop and ask for a surge protector, you would usually see them hand you something which looks like a power strip. There are plenty of brands of surge protectors and most of these come in the form that look like a power strip. This is made in such a way for plenty of reasons.

Firstly, you are able to plug in multiple appliances at one go to a single electrical unit which is protected by your surge protector strip. You can plug in up to ten times more devices into a single electrical port without it overloading and short circuiting. Isn’t this convenient! This is especially going to be very helpful in important areas of your house like in your living room and bed rooms. It would be so handy to plug in all the appliances of the same system into one port, like for example; your entertainment set which comes with your television, speakers, gaming boxes and etc.

Secondly, you get to save on your electricity bill this way. When you attach certain devices to a power socket, for example chargers, they would be using the same amount of electrical energy whether or not they are really charging up your device. As long as they are connected to a power source, they would be sucking off electricity, and this is not good for your electricity bill! By using a surge protector, you can switch the whole power strip off for you to control the amount of electricity being used overall.

Thirdly, surge protector power strips also act as extensions for your electrical devices which otherwise cannot reach to you from their power ports. This way you can save money on extension wires and also make sure they are all protected at the same time!

Do you know the difference?

Remember to know the difference between a real power strip and a surge protector. Not all surge protectors come in a power strip design and not all products that look like a power strip are surge protectors! If you need any help sorting a good system of surge protectors in your house, or if you need an electrician in Calgary, feel free to contact us at New West Electric Ltd today!

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