Only recently, the main energy consuming electrical appliances in an average house were the light bulbs, TV set, fridge and heater. Occasionally, you would run the washer/drier or dishwasher, but that was about it. Today, there are homes with a computer in every room and a tv on every wall. Throw in the projector, patio lights, central A/C and multiple other gadgets and you get a whole lot of energy demand.

With the rise of electricity consumption in our homes, offices and business, there is a growing strain on the electrical grid to supply all of that electricity. More appliances, electronics, computers and lights are used today than 10 or even 5 years ago. And the demand is growing.

It can become a real problem in older homes and buildings that have a power panel and wiring that are not meant to take that much strain. The panel is the heart of any electrical grid. Without it, the whole system will fail. In the best-case scenario, you will have your breakers tripping and lights flickering, which is annoying. In the worst case scenario, you may be risking more than the occasional power outage. Older homes are more prone to catch electrical fires when the panel fails.

Time to Call in the Professional Electricians

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or simply live in an older building and would like to check if you should improve the panel, we are here for you. We at New West Electric have all that is necessary for the job and have done hundreds if not thousands of electrical panel upgrades in Calgary and surrounding areas.

We are a well known local company with years of diverse experience in the field of electrical services. Having done projects that span from simple light fixtures to full electrical renovations and top-to bottom electrical installations on construction projects, we guarantee you unparalleled safety and exceptional quality of work.

Our electrical panel upgrade services in Calgary include the following:

  1. Full Electric Panel Replacement.
  2. Electric Panel Upgrades
  3. Circuit Breakers Replacement
  4. Residential Electric Panels
  5. Commercial Electric Panels
  6. Electric Panel Repairs
  7. Wiring and Circuits Repair
  8. 110V and 220V Grid Work

We Have You Covered Around The Clock

With the full understanding that those failures don’t always happen at the best of times and that you rely on the panel to function at all time, we offer a full 24-7 service. Even if something happens after hours or on the weekend, you can rely on the New West Electric emergency line to be there for you.

We never offer any more than you currently need and always provide the best, highest quality products and workmanship. For when you decide to replace the panel altogether, we have amazingly versatile upgradeable electrical panels that will only need a few more components added when you reach maximum capacity, saving you the cost of having to replace it again.

Whatever you require, at whichever time of day you need it, our dedicated Calgary electric panel upgrade service is here for you. Call us now and have the work done today!