The hot tub is probably the best possible way to relax after a long, hard week. Soaking together with friends or family on the weekend with some cold drinks is amazing. Installing the hot tub can be quite a bit of work, however, and is best done by professionals.

The constant proximity to water and electricity makes wiring the hot tub a potentially dangerous task. One that if not done properly, will put the bathers at serious risk. It takes a professional electrician to ensure that the tub is connected to the grid in a way that will not have any danger of wiring exposed to water or even humidity.

An additional consideration is the fact that the electric heating system, that most hot tubs are equipped with, will put a heavy load on your home’s electric system. Short circuits and overloads become a real possibility when you put that much pressure on the grid, and a careful calculation is required to ensure that this danger is avoided or eliminated altogether. Sometimes extra precautions or breakers need to be installed and it takes a professional to do those kinds of adjustments.

Hot Tub Installation, Electrical Maintenance and Repair in Calgary

Our specialists are equipped with all that is necessary to repair, diagnose and install your hot tub or electric heating system. Every single one of our technicians is factory trained and certified to work on virtually any model and brand of hot tub, with our ongoing, continuous training keeping technicians keeping staff up to date on newest methods, technologies and procedures.

We can take care of all installation needs, from backyard portable units to complex built-in indoor jacuzzis. With New West Electric on the job, you never have to worry about your electric heating and hot tub wiring needs in Calgary and all nearby areas. Call us now and we will get your hot tub wired!