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The Probable Causes Of Flickering Lights In Your Home

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The Probable Causes Of Flickering Lights In Your Home

Flickering lights are a common problem you are likely to deal with at some point as a home owner. Having some idea of what causes the flicker can help you trouble shoot the problem and possibly even solve it. In some cases, it can be a sign of a bigger problem, in which case you would then get electrical services in Calgary as soon as possible to take care of the issue.

A single flickering light 


When you have only one light bulb flickering, it’s usually not much cause for alarm. The common issues here include poor fixing of the light bulb, and problems with the switch. To try to correct the problem, turn off the light and give it some time to cool. Remove it and then screw it back on firmly, then switch the light on to find out if this solves the problem. Most of the time, it does.

If not, you can try using the bulb on a lamp to find out if it still flickers. If it does, then you know that the problem is with the bulb, and you may need to replace it. If not, the issue could be with the light switch. Rather than fixing this yourself, you are better off calling a contractor to check it to avoid the risk of self-injury and damage to your domestic installation.

All of your lights are flickering 

If all your lights at home flicker, this could be a sign of a bigger problem. If you have had bad weather in the area or the surrounding areas, this could be responsible for the flickering. The inclement weather tends to interfere with power transmission through the grid, resulting in voltage aberrations.

However, if the problem is longstanding, it is an indication that the voltage being supplied to your home is not stable. Take note of when the flickering normally occurs, and if it stops at some point. If the flickering is constant throughout, it would be ideal to get an electrician to come and sort it out as soon as possible.

Why you need to pay attention to voltage changes

Changes in voltage in your home have the capacity to become worse over time, depending on the cause of the problem. This can result in several problems including damage to electronics. In rare instances, fires can also be caused due to the abrupt changes in voltage from low to high. A good electrician should be in a position to isolate the source of the voltage changes, and then have it fixed. This should not take a long time in most cases.

Lights flickering is usually not a major electrical problem, unless it progresses for long or is also associated with flickering with other electronics. However, if it’s a problem that persists, always consider consulting a high quality electrical contractor. This is the only way to quickly and safely find the source of the flicker, and ensure that it’s fixed with no residual problems. Taking your time to go through the details of the electrical contractor might seem like a waste of time, but this could give you peace of mind.

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