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Tips For Choosing Lighting For Your Traditional Home Design

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Tips For Choosing Lighting For Your Traditional Home Design

The lighting you use for your home can enhance the design making it look beautiful and more sophisticated. Professional designers agree that lighting is one of the most important design aspects. Whether you have a contemporary, Victorian, traditional, Mediterranean or any other home style, you can use lighting to complement the look. There are different types of lighting and lighting fixtures and you can choose the right style for your home. The fixtures come in different shapes, colors, sizes, designs and lighting abilities. Following are tips that will help when choosing the right lighting for your traditional home.

How you will use the room

Before you start thinking about designs, you have to think about how you intend to use the room. A great lighting scheme is more than choosing the type of fixture that you love, you have to think about the different elements that bring the entire look together. Ask yourself what you want to highlight and what you will be doing in the room. Consider how the light will suit each space and remember that every detail is important. A fixture that looks great in one room may look awful in another. Bright lights in a room where you watch TV can be a huge distraction as you end up dealing with glare.

Striking a lighting balance


When choosing lighting, you should try to strike a balance between different types of lighting. The different types of lighting include overhead hanging, table lamps, floor lamps, scones and recessed lighting. You do not have to use all the different lights in the same room but you can choose more than one option to make the room more functional. If you have bright overhead lighting, make sure you get dimmable lights. You can also opt for offset wall scones instead of ceiling lights. Remember that different lights will be more effective for different functions.

Consider the levels of light

Make sure that you consider the levels of light that you need for each room. A room that gets plenty of natural light may not need too much recessed or ambient lighting. Think about the overall room size and design and determine if you plan to entertain in the room. Rooms like the living or dining room require dimmers to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. When you are choosing bulbs, select those that are compatible for creating different light levels. The bulbs that you choose will not only determine the level of brightness, they will also affect the intended function.

Choose the style of fixtures

When you come up with a lighting design, you can move on to choosing fixtures. This is the most fun part as you can choose fixtures that will make your space look more attractive. There are different factors to consider when choosing fixtures and they include your décor goals, your home’s architectural style and your personal taste. Remember to keep to the overall goal of creating balance and note that too much of any note can make the room feel overwhelming. Lighting fixtures can work with other décor accessories to create the desired overall look.

Using vintage light fixtures

Most people will agree that vintage light fixtures are unique and beautiful. The old-fashioned fixtures can enhance the look of any room and they can reveal your good taste and your knowledge of historical design. The lighting fixtures can work perfectly with any home design and it is not unusual to see vintage lighting in a modern home design. It is, however, important to know that using antique fixtures can pose some challenges due to the old wiring and other elements that may not be up to current standards. Make sure that you get professional advice before you decide to invest in antique fixtures.

Get professional services

Getting the best lighting design can seem rather daunting but fortunately, you can get professional help for the best results. Professionals have the expertise to help you create the best lighting design for your home. You can get a custom lighting plan that will match your traditional home. This is especially important if you decide to use vintage light fixtures. Instead of using fixtures that may not be up to standard and that will be relegated to being purely ornamental, it may be better to use custom reproduction lighting that matches the style that you desire.

Getting professional lighting installation is essential to ensure that you get the appearance and function that you desire. The lighting fixtures that you choose can become your home’s focal point and it is important to ensure that they are correctly installed. You need to know that the position of the fixtures can be very important when it comes to the function. Make sure that you work with a reputable electrical contractor and remember that energy efficiency is an important factor when choosing lighting.

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