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Top Causes Of Electrical Fires

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Top Causes Of Electrical Fires

Any equipment powered by electricity has a tendency to malfunction. This untoward event may cause fire and fire-related injuries. Basing on statistical studies, a lot of fire accidents are rooted to electrical causes. You have to take note though that electricity or electrical wires or connections alone do not cause fires. Together with these, erroneous management and lack of information regarding proper usage of such can be detrimental thus causing loss of property or even lives at the worst. To know more about how you can avoid fire-related problems in the future, listed below are some causes of electrical fires.

Using low quality electrical materials

Installing low quality materials allow you to have more cash in your pockets. This is a very wrong notion because your safety is at stake here. Having substandard electrical materials can let you save a huge amount of money at first but this poses a great threat to your safety. Wires and electrical items should be approved by quality control agencies for the reason that these materials need to be tested. These substandard materials may be a lot cheaper but in the long run, these may cost you more than what is acceptable. If you do not want the most unfortunate thing to happen, it will be best to put an investment on standard-approved materials rather than just pick the one that you think meets your budget.

Using temporary wirings


Many times when the original electrical wirings in your home need repair, you will rather solve the problem your own instead of calling an expert to do it. This causes you to put on temporary wirings that are substandard in terms of expertise employed. Well, you have to remember that temporary wirings or extension cords should be kept to a minimum level. Otherwise, expect the unexpected to happen.

Keeping your wirings hidden and less noticeable

A lot of people commit a mistake of having extension cords under carpets and mats for the reason that they prefer them to be less obvious. This mistake leads one to think that everything is doing well under those coverings. Be warned that wirings go through to a wear and tear process. With the wires hidden under your carpets, you will miss small details which could later on be a source or your troubles.

Unattended heating devices

Small as they may seem, but these devices, if plugged for longer than their recommended usage, are enough to cause a blaze. Flat irons, toasters, soldering materials, microwave ovens and coffee makers fall into this category. Leaving them plugged on for a long duration without using them may cause damages. Take note this is not only limited to the appliance in use but to a greater extent.


There is a prescribed electrical capacity for every household. Going beyond what is recommended is hazardous. Overloaded circuits can result to overheated wires, breakdown of insulation and short circuits. This will generate heat that may end up in fire.

Worn out wires and even fixtures

Worn-out electrical wires and fixtures, tampered junction boxes and motors can also cause fires. This is very common to buildings whose electrical wirings are hidden behind walling panels. Wires can be damaged by rodents without you noticing it.

Loose connections

These improperly fitted electrical connections can cause short circuits which eventually, will lead to overheating. Adjacent wirings get warmed up in the process thereby affecting the whole electrical set-up. Old and worn-out electrical wirings and plugs are possible causes of fires.

Presence of fire heaters at home

This is a major cause of electrical fires. Since fire heaters are portable and can be placed in a small space, users tend to put it in areas where combustible materials are located. Coils become hot after prolonged use and will most likely to ignite instantaneously.

Inappropriate wattage for your light bulbs and fixtures

Installing light bulbs for lighted fixtures can also be a cause of fire accidents. Using bulbs with a higher wattage than what is recommended tends to overheat. You have to check the requirements for such lighting systems before installing them in your homes.

Too many plugs in one power outlet

Were there times when you feel like you have run out of a socket with which you can charge your device? What do you resort to in this case? We bet that you have done several things including putting too many plugs in one power outlet. It is better to leave your device uncharged for some time than to overload a power outlet with too many electrical wires.

Keep your home and your life safe from the threats of electrical fire. You should take time out to ask help from Calgary electrical contractors to check on everything from wiring to the appliances. Entrust electrical repair to these professionals as well. After all, with them, you can be sure you are fully protected. For more about electrical repair, feel free to give us a call. We will be more than willing to perform the repair for you.

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