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Understanding The Elements Of A Great Home Lighting Design

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Understanding The Elements Of A Great Home Lighting Design

The lighting in the home does more than illuminate the space; it can help to change the mood and appearance of the room. Lighting is a major design element that can help to complement any space. The type and placement of the lighting are important aspects of home design. The lights work effectively with the room size, color selections, furniture selection and the availability of natural light. The different elements come together to achieve the right lighting, which can transform any room into the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Great lighting is more than just the fixtures you choose and how they work with your décor style. A great design is about the light and how it enhances the different focal points. Should it come from above, below or adjacent to the point of focus? Interior designers have to think about the best way to make the space feel warm and inviting. There are some tips that can help to create the perfect custom lighting into your home design project.

Overall color management

When planning your room, color is an important consideration factor. When designing the space, you need to know that the lighting you use can affect the room’s overall color or the colors of the items or surfaces you want to enhance. Dark colors make the room feel and look smaller and more cramped while light colors have the opposite effect. Some types of lighting can help with the space illusion by how they reflect off the walls. Track lighting can help to soften wall colors while recessed lighting that has a soft, downward glow can illuminate the floor instead of the walls.

Using directional lighting


The lighting you use can either highlight specific elements or it can illuminate the entire room. Track lighting works perfectly as positional lighting. The fixtures usually have adjustable parts and when they hung from the ceiling, they can point at specific elements in the room like a wall painting, picture frame, Kitchen Island, the entryway mirror or a flower vase on a corner table. Recessed lighting is installed in ceilings and floors to create vertical light beams. This can work perfectly instead of having a glow throughout the room from central light ceiling fixtures.

Consider the functionality

A major role of lighting when it comes to interior design is the functionality. Light needs to have a purpose, or it becomes a waste of electricity. When you decide to install a chandelier in your living room, large entryway or another large room, you have to think not just about the appearance but the illumination factor. The fixtures are large and because they are usually centrally placed, they provide great illumination for the entire room. Installing wall lights can help to add visual size and length to the entryway hall, while also helping to light the area. Think about the best style of lighting for the setting.

Create the illusion of space

Natural and artificial lighting can help to create the illusion of space. If you have a dark room, you can look for ways to bring in more natural light. Where this is not possible, choose lighting fixtures that will illuminate the room effectively. A room without sufficient lighting will feel cramped and it is made even worse by furniture arrangements that are in close proximity. Wall scones, corner lamps and ceiling hanging lights help to brighten a room where natural lighting is not adequate and they make the space seem larger. Consider using large windows or skylights to increase the natural light in the room.

Use lighting strategically

It is important to be strategic when using lighting in your room design. Rooms that have layered lighting tend to be more visually interesting. Instead of lighting the entire room, consider incorporating several points of light. You can choose focal points in the room such as the fireplace, a painting on the wall, the dining table or any other interesting feature. Differentiate the fixtures from the other spaces. Remember that you can try something different to get an unconventional look. Instead of using traditional reading lamps, try using hanging pendants in your reading nook.

Using adaptable fixtures

To get the most from your lighting fixtures, make them adaptable. Adding a dimmer will provide the lighting that you need for any occasion. A simple dimmer can be an essential tool that will allow you to adjust the light levels for different seasons and occasions. It also helps to bring instant flexibility on how the lighting fixtures are used. You can create the perfect mood or ambience by simply turning a switch!

It is a good idea to trust the experts when you want to get perfect lighting results. Working with a professional electrical engineer can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the best lighting for your space. The experts have the expertise to come up with a custom design that will work for every room in your home!

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