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What Are The Types Of Electrical Repairs That Should Only Be Attempted By A Qualified Electrician?

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What Are The Types Of Electrical Repairs That Should Only Be Attempted By A Qualified Electrician?

In a bid to save money, there are some people who will consider doing electrical repairs in their homes on their own. By doing this, it’s often possible to reduce the cost of the entire project since the labor costs will not be factored. However, it’s important to remember that your home’s electrical installation is a sensitive one, and any tinkering might lead to severe problems later on. For instance, you may end up electrocuting yourself, or cause an electrical fire. The best way to handle all such projects is to consult an electrical contractor to do it for you. Not only is it likely to be faster, but you are also likely to be assured of a better job once it’s done.

Of course, there are some jobs that you can do on your own, such as changing a fuse or a light bulb. However, some might seem simple, but usually require a lot of skill to pull off successfully. Some of these include:

Increasing the number of outlets in your home


Are you finding that you need to use more and more extension cables to power all the devices in the home? Have you ever got to a point where you had to run an extension cable off another one to increase the number of outlets you need? If this is the case, it simply means that your needs have far surpassed the capability of the home’s current electrical system. Rather than keep increasing the number of extension cables you use, you should consider increasing the number of wall outlets in the house. Remember, extension cables can be unsightly, and can also be unsafe since the low quality ones are prone to getting damaged over time. In addition to that, the fact that high quality extensions are expensive means that having to keep buying them is not practical.

You might consider adding the outlets yourself, particularly if you have some knowledge in electrical circuitry. However, you should remember that there is a lot more to such a project than putting sockets in the walls. You need to consider the current state of the wiring, and whether it can support new outlets. It will also be necessary to break down part of the wall in order to accommodate the outlets. The best way to get it done quickly and correctly would be by consulting the electrician.

When you need to have the system inspected after renovations

Usually during renovations, there is a risk that the wiring will be modified. A good example of this is when you decide to break a wall in order to increase space in a particular room, or to add a door to a wall. Usually, the wall will have some wiring in it, and such maneuvers can result in a disruption in the wiring. However, how do you inspect it to make sure that it still functions as it’s required to? In all such cases, you need to consult a professional who will not only know what to look for, but will also be more thorough when doing it.

When your wiring shows obvious signs of serious damage

If you inspect important parts of the circuitry such as the fuse box and notice serious problems such as rusting, it’s important to avoid trying to fix the problem on your own, and instead call a contractor. Remember, such problems can arise from many causes, and it’s important to define what the cause is so that it’s fixed. This way, the risk of the same problem occurring in future will be reduced. In addition to that, you may also find that the repairs to such problems are very risky, and require some preparation and the use of specialized equipment.

If you notice sudden electrical problems

Most of the electrical problems that occur suddenly should not be dealt with by an individual who is not trained to deal with them. For instance, there are times when you will notice your appliance producing an abnormal hum when you switch it on. In such cases, the problem could either be due to the device itself, or the quality of the power being supplied to the device. If the latter is the case, some investigation would need to be done in order to determine the type of problem that is occurring, what is causing it and how to fix it. Trying simple fixes on your own might not work, and might even put you at risk.

In summary, you should not take for granted the importance of hiring a high quality electrical contractor whenever you need to fix electrical problems. This is particularly so if you are not sure about how to approach the problem, or don’t have the right tools to fix it. Calling the contractor often turns out to be cheaper and much safer for you in the long term!

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