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A Look At Creative Cord And Outlet Ideas

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A Look At Creative Cord And Outlet Ideas

Electrical cords and outlets should not give you the idea that they will make your living room or any part of your house appears unsightly. As a matter of fact, with the proper mind setting to make them look attractive, you can make them look nice and you will be surprised to find out that they can even serve as something that could start a conversation. Here are some practical and creative ideas that can help you make your electrical cords and outlets look tidy without compromising your safety.

Create a box for all your electrical cords

Gadgets that require charging do not mean that you have to sacrifice the artistic view of your home. Digital cameras, iPods and cellular phones of all sorts can be charged artistically without having those unsightly cords at your feet. What can be a great idea for this? Create a charging station by using an old box decorated according to your preference. Make holes that are large enough for the chargers’ cords to pass through and voila! You will now have a nicely looking piece that can even serve as a décor.

Use an ID system


Crawling under tables and beds and having bruised knees in search of cords and plugs is very undesirable. To make things worse, tracing and going through a maze looking for the right cord for a certain appliance is a pain in the head. To save you from this, label each plug and cord. If this seems drab to you, make use of a color coding scheme. This will surely be more appealing than just the usual maze you had with these cords.

Cover unsightly wires with attractive materials

Get hold of attractive materials to cover those unsightly wires around you. There are several choices available in the market from coloured tapes, braided decorations to beads and all sorts. Just see to it that these are safe and have a quality approved seal. If you want, you can also make use of these cords to create patterns of your choice on a blank wall. Use your creativity and imagination in doing this. It could range from animal forms to more complex designs.

Make it simple

If you prefer your cords to be simple yet eye catching, adorn them with clips and paper cutting designs. You can use any design that suits your personality. This does not only make them look appealing but it can save you much from purchasing fancy cord decorations.

Use an invisible outlet

Having an outlet that is “invisible” is great. To achieve this effect, colour your electrical outlet with the same colour as your wall. If you opt to have intricate wall coverings, you can include outlets and switches but before doing this, check the features of such materials first. This is simple but it will work in camouflaging an outlet.

Try a picket fence

Having a picket fence does not only keep off outlets out of your view but will also serve as an added emphasis to a boring wall. Create tiny fences along a wall where electrical outlets are located. You can even dump lengthy cords here. These fences do not only hide outlets but they will serve as a track for routing all of the wires cleanly around a room.

Try super flat retractable tape cord

Sometimes, we plug cords and leave wires hanging from the table to the floor. Often, when you choose to put the appliance or device over a flat surface, the wires are left dangling as well that you can attract rodents or other pets to get a taste of that wire. In order to solve this problem, you can use super flat retractable tape cords.

Use a power bridge

Cords can be really unsightly. If you want them to look more beautiful and you want it simple, you can use a power bridge instead. They can hide unsightly plugs into the bridge so you will not have to worry about seeing cords here and there. The visible side of the bridge can also look clutter-free depending on the brand you purchase.

As a reminder, see to it that all the adornments that you put are made of quality materials and are not flammable. Your safety should be your priority. Making the entire thing look beautiful is just secondary. If you want to combine both of course you can. Just take the necessary steps to make the combination work.

You can also ask for ideas from electrical services in Calgary who can often help their customers hide the unsightly cords. They may also have perfect recommendations to make your place clutter-free. Listen to suggestions from them and you will now have a solution to the usual predicament that you have when it comes to too many cords in one place.

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